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The recording of Akeneo PIM 1.7 webinar is available!

As you now, we held yesterday our traditional webinar to present our latest release: Akeneo PIM 1.7. It is now available on our Youtube channel but you can also find it here:

If you didn’t get all the answers to your questions about our PIM, feel free to ask them on our forum.

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Akeneo Cloud is now available, check out our new offers!

We told you about it four months ago at our Partner Summit, and it’s now ready. We are happy to announce that our Cloud offer is officially available!

Akeneo Cloud Edition is a PIM-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for companies that want to benefit from the Enterprise Edition without having to deal with the management of storage. Akeneo Cloud Edition allows you to run your Akeneo PIM application in the cloud, so you have a smooth, secure and no risk experience, even for the most complex catalogs.

One Cloud, Two Offers

Because we know you have different needs, we have developed two different offers to fit your requirements:

Akeneo Cloud Flexibility Mode, a.k.a. the PaaS Edition of Akeneo

Available since March 2017, find all the features of our Enterprise Edition in a fully customizable cloud offer. This version allows you to maintain control of the updates without having to care about the maintenance and gives you the freedom to adapt it to your needs. This is the only Open Source PIM Cloud offer on the market: there is no black box effect, you can see the code and benefit from our community. Also, all our marketplace extensions are fully compatible.

Akeneo Cloud Serenity Mode, a.k.a. the SaaS Edition of Akeneo

Coming Soon in September 2017, the Serenity Mode is a basic version of Akeneo Enterprise Edition in a SaaS offering. Accessible from everywhere, this is a turn-key solution, simple to use without getting into the code. Updates are made automatically and you can easily connect your third party applications thanks to our web API. Plus our trusted marketplace extensions will be fully compatible as well.

If you have questions about the new offerings, check out our webpage or contact us at

Welcome to Akeneo PIM 1.7! We’ve boosted team collaboration and PIM connectivity…


We are delighted to announce that Akeneo PIM 1.7 is now available! And we are introducing two new features! The Akeneo Teamwork Assistant for Enterprise Edition Users, and our new web API!

Akeneo Teamwork Assistant

We have always viewed PIM as a productivity tool. Its purpose is to centralize the product information and provide users with an easy platform for enriching, editing, and updating product information. By allowing employees throughout an organization to contribute and enrich product information based on their expertise, teams can significantly improve the quality of product information.
The Akeneo Teamwork Assistant is a collaboration tool that will improve how you work as a team. Users no longer have to waste their time guessing what products need to be enriched, the Teamwork Assistant handles it all.

This new feature allows you to create enrichment projects for your team and easily follow its progress. For example, let’s say you have a Summer collection that needs to be prepared for an upcoming web launch. You’re going to need to assign a variety of tasks to your team (marketing descriptions, pictures, translations, etc.) and make sure that the project gets completed on time. Simply select the products that need to be enriched or edited and Akeneo Teamwork Assistant will automatically assign the required tasks. No need to manually define who needs to do what or to build complex Gantt charts. The Akeneo Teamwork Assistant is here to streamline and simplify your collaboration!

Screenshot-dashboard TWA - EN

Akeneo Web API

We know this has been a highly anticipated feature, and it is finally here! The new Akeneo web API is available for Enterprise and Community Editions of Akeneo PIM.

This comprehensive REST API enables interactions with your product catalog in both read and write mode. Building a connector on the top of the Akeneo platform is now easier than ever! No need to learn the Symfony framework or worry about performance: you can build your connector in any language and continue to benefit from the unparalleled scalability of the Akeneo platform.

Want to learn more about this brand new API: we built a new website just for Akeneo developers to document these new capabilities.

We have improved and updated many features in this new release, so feel free to take a look at the full release notes to learn about all the latest changes:

English VersionFrench Version

We will also be holding our traditional webinar to present and discuss this new version. We will review all the improvements and new features, and of course answer all of your questions about Akeneo PIM 1.7.
We will only be hosting one webinar on Thursday, Mars 23rd, 2017 at 5pm CET. So make sure to save the date if you want to attend!

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Feel free to talk about it to your colleagues if you think they would be interested in attending the webinar or reading more about this latest release.
And don’t worry if you’re busy during that time, a recording will be available on our blog and Youtube channel.

We are looking forward to showing you all the exciting things we have been working on with this new version!

Optimize your productivity with the Rules Execution from the User Interface

As you probably know, before the release of Akeneo PIM 1.6, you had to wait for a CRON job for the rules to be calculated. Well now, you can also choose when to launch your rules, and which ones to launch if you need a quick update!

There is now a new interface allowing to see all your rules, and to launch them whenever you want. It’s very simple, quick and easy!

It’s really convenient if you need an updated data instantly to work or to launch an export. Find out more about this feature in the video below:

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Webinar Textmaster & Akeneo: everything you want to know about our new connector

We recently worked on a new extension between Akeneo and Textmaster, a company providing a translation service.

With this new extension, it’s now possible to select directly in Akeneo the content you want to translate, send it to the platform for an efficient and fast translation and get it back into your Akeneo platform!

We created a short demo video, as well as a white paper about internationalization and data management, and it is now time to present you in details this extension and answer all your questions about how to go global with your product information.

Discover our webinar, in English or in French, to find out more about the compatibility of these 2 solutions and how they can help you to go global!

Find out more about this feature in the videos below:


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