Help us to get Akeneo packaged by Bitnami !

We see more and more demands from the community to get easier ways to install Akeneo or to host it in the cloud (with Amazon or Azure).

Bitnami is providing amazing packages for open source softwares on various environments (like Mac OSX or Windows). They are also offering a very simple way (one click install) to host in the cloud those softwares.

We believe that our community could really benefit from this service and that’s why we submitted Akeneo to their monthly contest.

We now need your votes, tweets, likes and shares here : to make this happen !

Thank you!

2 responses to “Help us to get Akeneo packaged by Bitnami !”

  1. Congratulations to winning the Bitnami context, I’m looking forward get a preinstalled version from there 🙂

  2. There’s currently no windows installer or wamp module at Bitnami, which is a shame.
    Saw this comment on Bitnami’s blog (Oct 20 2014) …
    “Akeneo currently doesn’t support Windows. However we are working with
    them and as soon as they support it we will add the Windows version to

    I’ve managed to install Akeneo on a windows machine, so it’s definitely possible (although I did have quite a few issues).

    Is there any news on this?

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