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Akeneo announces version release improvements

Effective immediately, Akeneo is making it easier to plan for releases – across marketing, operations and IT- by simplifying our version release schedule. This is an important step toward our goal to become the PIM for All!

To date, in less than three years, Akeneo has achieved remarkable growth:

  • 150 Enterprise Edition global customers
  • 40,000 Community Edition global customers
  • 30 extensions available in the Akeneo marketplace
  • 40+ partners who work on Akeneo everyday
  • 100s of contributions by developers

Thank you for your role in our successful journey. With simplified version releases, we see an even brighter future ahead.

The new Akeneo version release schedule: new releases will follow the major.minor.patch model described below.

  • One Annual Major Launch in September
  • Quarterly Minor releases in December, March, and June

This release schedule enables Akeneo to share the most recent innovations and improvements in product development through quarterly minor releases while helping marketing, operations, and IT plan for one scheduled, major annual release.

The new product release schedule provides a more nimble and responsive approach to market demands and developments with the following key benefits:

  1. Ability to plan in advance for major releases to minimize disruption and support business continuity
  2. Flexibility of minor quarterly releases to improve functionality more quickly and reduce time to market
  3. Better and faster innovations for customers and partners through quarterly releases

There are three editions of Akeneo PIM; the community edition, enterprise edition, and cloud edition. The cloud edition has two modes: the current Flexibility mode (PAAS) released April 2017 which allows for on-site customization, and the upcoming Serenity mode (SAAS) which will be released in September 2017.

  • Flexibility users will directly manage their upgrade process according to their needs
  • Serenity mode users will have the benefit of automatic upgrades

The new version maintenance cycle

There will be two maintenance duration cycles:

  • Standard support versions – scheduled for December (minor) and March (minor) – will be maintained for three months
  • Long-term support (LTS) versions – scheduled for June (minor) and September (major) – will be maintained for eighteen months

Version patches – limited to bug fixes -will be released weekly for all current regular and LTS versions.

Below is the schedule of Akeneo product releases and support timelines until 2022.

In summary

The new release cycle enables customers and partners to deliver easier and faster value more quickly and easily through the Akeneo ecosystem.

  • The major release will occur annually in September.
  • Quarterly versions will launch in December, March, and June, enabling users to benefit from Akeneo improvements and new features without the effort of a migration project.
  • Maintenance for the September and June versions will continue for eighteen months. Maintenance for the December and March versions will continue for three months.
  • Cloud customers using Cloud Serenity will be upgraded to the newest version automatically.

The new Akeneo version release process will better serve the needs of our community, and we look forward to supporting your plans for growth and success.

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