Become a solution partner

By joining our Solution Partner program you will gain visibility and receive financial benefits while helping others by leveraging your knowledge of Akeneo PIM.

In our Partner Portal, you’ll find useful information to help you increase sales, and our Helpdesk will assist you with any issue that arises. By becoming a Solution Partner, you gain access to the demo environment, are upgraded to the Enterprise Partner Edition, receive discounted services, and get support from our sales team. We work hard to make sure that our partners are successful.

  • Access to experts.

    Access to experts.

    Our teams are available to help you anytime, for any question. When you become a partner you will receive support from our sales & pre-sales teams, our marketing team, and a dedicated channel manager to help you throughout your Akeneo journey. Oh, and it’s not like you need to be at the silver or gold level to have a dedicated channel manager, it’s part of the partner program. Just saying.

  • Best. Partner portal. Ever.

    Best. Partner portal. Ever.

    We have developed our own partner portal to make it easy to exchange documents, support tickets, and videos. We even gather sales follow-up information and send it to you as quickly as possible to make sure you never miss a sales opportunity.

    It’s a good portal. Like the best ever. As in we’ve been repeatedly advised to make the Partner Portal a stand-alone product– but we’d rather keep it just for you.

  • Earn points for more recognition and rewards.

    Earn points for more recognition and rewards.

    You can gain points and improve your partner ranking through projects, contributions, and marketing actions. By increasing your score you gain visibility, level up your commission fees, and become a recognized expert in the Akeneo community. Obtaining the Silver or Gold level isn’t about money. It’s all about being involved in and contributing to the Akeneo community. Period.

  • Akeneo Partner Summit

    Because we truly believe in the power of partnerships and working together, we think it’s important to bring together everyone who makes Akeneo PIM possible. Once a year, we gather our team, solution partners, and technical partners for two days to share, exchange, and give you the inside scoop on some of our exclusive innovations. Oh, and we’re not opposed to having a drink or two together while you’re here. In fact, socializing with our partners is actualy part of our training.


Get in touch with us! Send us a message if you have any questions or requests about Akeneo PIM for your project.