Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Akeneo has partnered with Salesforce to enable Commerce Cloud merchants to streamline their catalog management processes and deliver a compelling product experience to their customers.

With Akeneo PIM, merchants can easily and rapidly manage and deliver high-quality product information across sales channels, streamline internal catalog management processes, and facilitate catalog expansion.

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The combination of Akeneo PIM and Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables:

  • A unified commerce experience with consistent yet contextual product information for each individual channel
  • Experience-driven eCommerce with emotional product information
  • Easier global expansion with localized product information

Product Information Management for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows Salesforce merchants to seamlessly feed high-quality and emotionally resonant product information to their Commerce Cloud platform to improve the customer experience, increase conversions, and reduce returns.

To offer a seamless experience between both solutions, Akeneo offers the Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, maintained and supported in-house. Our connector uses the Akeneo API to easily select and export product information to their Business Manager platform. This API-based certified integration converts product information in Akeneo to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s XML format, for master and variant products, categories, attributes, associations, price books, media, and much more.

Connector Features for Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition

  • Certified evolutions along the year
  • SLA backed support
  • Installation guide

Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants use the Akeneo connector

  • Myer
    • Significantly improved information quality and customer experience
    • Product velocity increased and time-to-market reduced by 400%
    • Notably upgraded enrichment transparency and processes
  • Sephora
    • Accelerated time to market by 100%
    • Improved online conversion rate by 300%
    • Eased translation and localization processes
  • Shop.com
    • Reduced overhead
    • Improved product data quality
    • Reduced time-to-market

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