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Power your purchasing teams to scale with Akeneo Onboarder

Getting product data from your suppliers isn’t always easy. Akeneo Onboarder is here to help. Akeneo Onboarder is a secure platform built to collect product information from your suppliers and manufacturers faster. Standardize the way you onboard supplier product data needed to deliver high quality, accurate product listings.

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For Retailers

As a retailer you’re often onboarding thousands of products from thousands of suppliers. You may be dealing with seasonal launches, too.

Consumer expectations for product information are changing, so don’t be limited by the data that is provided to you.

Akeneo Onboarder removes the dependency on your suppliers and allows you to scalably create workflows to onboard product data from those suppliers and manufacturers.

For Distributors

When you’re a B2B distributor, oftentimes your customers don’t have time to browse. With specific and often technical products like plumbing or farming equipment, your consumers aren’t here to shop, they’re placing an order. Still, within that ordering process, the quality of your product information matters.

Akeneo Onboarder removes the dependency on your suppliers and shifts the power into your hands, so you can provide an excellent buying experience.


Data Consistency & Quality

Secure & Scalable Collection

Easy to Use Interface

The seamless way to control the collection of product information from suppliers and manufacturers

Define the data attributes you need

Define the product information that your suppliers are responsible for providing to your team from directly within Akeneo PIM. Get precisely the information you need from your suppliers to provide a great experience for your customers.

Assign products to suppliers

Once the product has been assigned to the supplier within Akeneo PIM, the supplier is responsible for the required fields. Stop filtering through unnecessary information and huge spreadsheets, by only asking them for the data from the products that you need.

Suppliers provide product information

Thanks to a secure and intuitive SaaS-based portal, all of your suppliers can submit precisely the product information you require in their own secure and branded portal.

Review and approve

Feel confident in the quality of the data you’re receiving. Review and approve, or reject the submitted product information within an easy workflow, before letting messy data into the PIM

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