PIM Accelerator for Fashion

One great benefit of Akeneo PIM is that you have a centralized place to collect, author, and enrich your product information and organize it into a catalog that you can spread to your sales and distribution channels.

The first step is to create a catalog structure. But, defining your catalog structure from scratch can be a complex, time-consuming process.

That’s why we offer PIM Accelerators specific to your industry to give your PIM project a head start with the goal of expediting your Akeneo PIM go-live date.

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  • Jump Start your PIM Project

    Jump Start your PIM Project

    The PIM Accelerator for Fashion makes it faster and easier to set up a new Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition installation for organizations in the fashion industry for apparel, footwear, and accessories. The PIM Accelerator includes a preset catalog model and you can customize it to fit your needs. Beats starting from scratch!

  • Pre-Defined Catalog Content

    Pre-Defined Catalog Content

    • Attributes, Attribute Groups, and a common set of Attribute Options covering common options such as color, material, and season.
    • Families and Family Variants such as by size, by color, by size and color, and more.
    • A tree structure for Categories and Asset Categories, organized by men’s, women’s, and kids at the top level, then clothing, shoes and accessories one level below, and finally product types (dresses, pants, shirts, etc.) at the third level
    • Association Types for cross-sell, upsell, set, and outfit/look
    • Locales and Currencies for US, France, and Germany
    • One default channel with locales and currencies by country
  • Benefits


    • Reduce catalog modeling time
    • Reduce time to begin enriching product data
    • Reduce time to go-live
    • Increase team productivity
    • Increase PIM adoption across your organization
    • Increase product quality


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